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RV Kronshtadt







Baptized in honor of a historic city in the Neva Bay, the RV Kronshtadt sails on the Volga, the longest river in Europe and opens the doors to eternal Russia and its thousand splendours, its nature and vibrant and contrasting, its rich history and its authentic soul. The RV Kronshtadt is a 4 anchor boat. human dimension, measuring 125 meters long and 19.80 meters wide. It can accommodate 226 passengers, in 116 cabins arranged on five decks. Each of the cabins has all the amenities and offers the best living conditions. The decoration is neat and its atmosphere, both intimate and friendly, is in perfect harmony with its environment. The light tones reinforce the impression of luminosity. At the level of the boat deck are the restaurant as well as a panoramic bar and music lounge, while there is a conference room and another bar at the level of the sun deck.


Όνομα καμπίνας / Βαθμός Κατάστρωμα Θέση
Main deck comfort cabin Main Deck Outside
Upper deck 2 beds Upper Deck Outside
Upper deck 1 single bed Upper Deck Outside
Canoe deck 1 single bed Boat Deck Outside
2-berth canoe deck Boat Deck Outside
Upper deck 2 beds Upper Deck Suite
Upper Deck 1 Queen Bed Upper Deck Suite
Lower deck 3 beds Lower Deck Outside
Upper deck 2 single beds Boat Deck Suite
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