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RV Indochine

About RV Indochine





The RV Indochine sails on the Mekong, along a river of legend and enchanted stopovers, between classified sites, centuries-old traditions and culinary delights from Vietnam and Cambodia. It is the promise of an exotic and authentic adventure, dotted with colors, scents and flavors. The RV Indochine is a 4 anchor boat. human dimension, measuring 51 meters long and 11 meters wide. It can accommodate 48 passengers in 24 cabins arranged on two decks. Each of them has all the amenities and offers the best living conditions. Colonial style, fully dressed. of exotic wood and plant elements, the Indochine combines charm and comfort. Located at the level of the upper deck, the restaurant, where are served all meals during the trip, offers delicate cuisine in a refined setting, where; large bay windows allow you to take full advantage of the panorama. On the sun deck, an ideal place to relax and admire the landscapes, there is also the lounge / bar.

Panorama buffet

Fully Air Conditioned


Όνομα καμπίνας / Βαθμός Κατάστρωμα Θέση
MAIN DECK 2 BEDS Main Deck Outside
UPPER DECK 2 BEDS Upper Deck Outside
MAIN DECK 2 BEDS Main Deck Outside
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