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Royal Clipper

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Imagine this: gentle waves lapping rhythmically against a wind-driven hull, the scent of the salty sea spray on the refreshing breeze, taut sails towering majestically overhead, a pod of young dolphins dancing in the bow wave of the azure waters – all against a backdrop of breathtaking coastline.

Nothing beats the romance of being at sea on a tall ship, so join us aboard the magnificent SPV Royal Clipper, where ultimate relaxation and true pampering await you. Within this evocative tall ship awaits a luxurious world for those who seek a genuine sailing experience and wish to rediscover a maritime tradition without sacrificing creature comforts.

Just as her predecessors did a century and a half ago, the Royal Clipper glides effortlessly through the waves; but nowadays, the sails are unfurled using the latest technology, the hammocks have been replaced by sumptuous cabins and ‘hard tack’ by exquisite cuisine.

The outstanding ship is proof that craftsmanship is very much alive: rich hardwoods, polished brass, wrought-iron fittings and marble are beautifully complemented by deep-pile carpets and sophisticated furnishings.

Far from being a typical cruise ship, the Royal Clipper is of a sufficiently intimate size, so we sail close to the shore and visit smaller, fascinating ports. Not only do we enjoy more stunning views, but we also have a wonderful seafaring


Όνομα καμπίνας / Βαθμός Κατάστρωμα Θέση
Owner Suite Clipper Deck Suite
Deluxe Suites Main Deck Suite
Category 1 Main Deck Inside
Category 2 Clipper Deck Outside
Category 3 Clipper Deck Outside
Category 3 Commodore Deck Outside
Category 4 Clipper Deck Outside
Category 4 Commodore Deck Outside
Category 5 Commodore Deck Outside
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