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American Constellation





Uniquely designed to navigate the inland waterways of the Pacific Northwest, the brand new American Constellation brings guests to beautiful ports the larger ships can’t access.

In the intimate atmosphere onboard, guests will find the largest staterooms in the industry, spacious lounges, as well as observation decks and private balconies that offer spectacular views of the passing landscapes.


Όνομα καμπίνας / Βαθμός Κατάστρωμα Θέση
Owner’s Suite 5th Deck Suite
Veranda Suite 3rd Deck Suite
Private Balcony 4th Deck Balcony
Private Balcony 3rd Deck Balcony
Private Balcony 2nd Deck Balcony
Main Deck 2nd Deck Outside
Single (Private Balcony) 2nd Deck Balcony
Single Cabin 2nd Deck Outside
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