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What do you have in mind when it comes to Portugal? Spectacular cliffs, the taste of port wine or melancholic fado? Everything’s right. In 2019, a new puzzle piece has been added: A-ROSA ALVA..Come aboard, discover the beauty of the Douro and have a look directly into the soul of Portugal! The port of departure and destination of our trips on the Douro is Porto. So you have plenty of opportunities to stroll through the beautiful old town, enjoy the view from Portugal’s highest church tower or enjoy one of the 365 Bacalhau dishes, Portugal’s favourite dried fish. And don’t miss out on a trip to Salamanca in Spain, which is an UNESCO World Heritage City with its university from the 13th century.


Όνομα καμπίνας / Βαθμός Κατάστρωμα Θέση
2-bed outside cabin Deck 1 Outside
2-bed outside cabin Deck 2 Outside
2-bed outside cabin Deck 3 Outside
2-bed balcony suite Deck 3 Suite
2-bed outside cabin Deck 1 Outside
2-bed outside cabin with extra bed Deck 1 Outside
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