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MS Nordkapp is named after the northernmost point on mainland Europe: North Cape (71ºN) – one of the geographical highpoints you can visit on a Hurtigruten voyage.

MS Nordkapp was refurbished in 2016 and now features a modern, Arctic-inspired interior. On board are three different restaurants, a Multe bakery and ice cream bar, a sauna and fitness room. Out on deck you can enjoy the view from one of our two hot tubs. We also have a cosy bar at the front of the ship where you can enjoy a nice traditional drink. The ship additionally has a large compass area with reception, a tour guide, conference room and shop.

MS Nordkapp was christened by Norway´s Queen Sonja in 1996 and her maiden voyage was to the Shetland Islands. The ship started sailing the Norwegian coast in April 1996. She has also sailed in Antarctica. Since 2007, the vessel has been part of Hurtigruten´s fleet of ships dedicated to sailing the Norwegian coastline.

On-board Expedition team
MS Nordkapp has her own on-board Expedition Team and serves as a university at sea. Interesting lectures, presentations and activities inside as well as out on the sun deck of the ship make this an exciting and educational journey. Topics depend on the season and the waters we sail in. The Expedition Team hosts a lecture and presentation programme and evening gatherings daily. Out on deck you may participate in live points of interest to learn more about the nature, culture and other phenomena we encounter along the coast. In addition, the Expedition Team will introduce you to the uniquely Norwegian notion of `friluftsliv´, and encourage you take part in `friluftsliv´ hikes and activities during the journey.

The dedicated Expedition Team has one mission: to enhance your experience by engaging you and interpreting the nature, wildlife, and culture you encounter during the voyage. Read more about our Expedition Teams here.

Special features:
Expedition Team
Refurbished in 2016
Three restaurants
Multe bakery and ice cream bar
Explorer bar lounge
Fitness room
Conference room
Car deck
Hot tub

Expedition Team
Explorers Lounge

Explorers Bar
Ice Cream Bar
Lounge Bar

Panoramic Lounge

Fitness Room

Conference Room


Cabin Name / Grade Deck Position
Polar Outside Deck 2 Outside
Polar Inside Deck 3 Inside
Polar Outside Deck 3 Outside
Arctic Superior Deck 5 Outside
Arctic Superior Deck 6 Outside
Expedition Suite Deck 5 Suite
Expedition Mini Suite Deck 6 Suite
Polar Outside Deck 5 Outside
Polar Outside Deck 3 Outside
Polar Inside Deck 5 Inside
Expedition Mini Suite Suite
Polar Outside Outside
Polar Outside Outside
Unspecified Inside Cabin Inside
Unspecified cabin Outside
Unspecified cabin Inside
Polar Outside Outside
Polar Outside Outside
Polar Outside Outside
Unspecified Arctic superior cabin Outside
Unspecified Cabin Arctic Superior Outside
Expedition Suite Suite
Expedition Mini Suite Suite
Expedition Mini Suite Suite
Arctic Superior Outside
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