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Costa Toscana has been designed to be a real travelling “smart city”, where sustainable solutions and circular economy concepts are applied to reduce environmental impact. Thanks to the use of liquefied natural gas, the most advanced technology for emissions reduction currently available in the maritime sector, it will be possible to almost eliminate the emission of sulfur oxides (zero emissions) and particulate matter (95-100% reduction) into the atmosphere, while also significantly lowering nitrogen oxide (direct reduction of 85%) and CO2 (up to 20%) emissions. The entire daily supply of the ship will be met by transforming sea water using desalinators. Energy consumption will be minimized thanks to an intelligent energy efficiency system. In addition, 100% separate waste collection and recycling of materials such as plastic, paper, glass and aluminum will be carried out on board, which will be part of an integrated approach aimed at implementing circular economy projects.

The new flagship is a tribute to Tuscany, it is the result of an extraordinary creative project, curated by Adam D. Tihany, to enhance and bring to life in a single location the best of this wonderful Italian region, which gives its name to the ship, its decks, and main public areas. From Montalcino to Pietrasanta, passing through Viareggio, Montecatini, Lucca, Pienza, Bolgheri, Montepulciano, Costa Toscana is a real tour of Tuscany, with lots of areas devoted to fun, taste and conviviality. To realize it, Tihany took advantage of the collaboration of an international pool of prestigious architectural firms – Dordoni Architetti, Jeffrey Beers International, Partner Ship Design and Rockwell Group – who were asked to design the different parts of the ship.

In order to create an authentically “Made in Italy” design experience, Costa Toscana’s furniture, lighting, fabrics and accessories have been chosen in collaboration with prestigious Italian companies, such as Molteni&C (sofas and chairs), Roda (outdoor and indoor furniture supplies), Flos (decorative lighting), Dedar and Rubelli (fabrics, upholstery, chairs, sofas). These brands are part of a team of 15 renowned Italian suppliers, including companies such as Kartell, Poltrona Frau and Alessi.

Costa Toscana offers a truly incredible gastronomic offer, with no less than 21 restaurants and areas dedicated to gastronomy.

On this new flagship as well, guests will be able to enjoy dishes created by Bruno Barbieri, Hélène Darroze and Ángel León. This exceptional trio of chefs has explored authentic local recipes from every place visited by Costa ships, which will be offered through Destination Dishes and the menus of the Archipelago restaurant.

Destination Dishes are individual dishes interpreting the tradition and flavors of the place that will be visited the following day. They will be available at the main restaurants of Costa Toscana, included in the cruise price. The Archipelago restaurant will allow for a truly unique culinary experience, with three menus to choose from, one for each chef. The menus are composed of 5 refined dishes, designed to explore through food that part of the sea that guests are sailing. Both the restaurant’s concept and design are equally as innovative. Archipelago features “island” tables for a more intimate experience, framed by a copper sculpture enclosing unique pieces of driftwood, installations made using wood salvaged from the shore. There is a special focus on the theme of sustainability. The chefs’ menus, just like the Destination Dishes, were designed with the greatest attention for the ingredients – most of them sourced from local producers – and how they are prepared, in order to prevent food waste. Not only. The “driftwood” furnishing of the islands has been recovered thanks to the “Guardians of the Coast”, the environmental education programme for the protection of the Italian coastline run by the Costa Crociere Foundation. For every dinner eaten at the Archipelago, Costa will donate part of the proceeds to Costa Crociere Foundation to support environmental and social projects.

Moreover, on board of Costa Toscana, an entire restaurant, the “Squok Restaurant”, is dedicated to families with children, conceived and designed according to their needs. In the Food LAB, guests will be able to try out their cooking skills under the guidance of Costa Chefs. Also worth trying are the Pizzeria Pummid’Oro, the Sushino and the Teppanyaki. To enjoy a drink in total relaxation, guests will be spoilt for choice with 19 bars, including themed bars in collaboration with major Italian and international partners, such as Caffè Vergnano 1882, the Campari Bar, two Aperol Spritz Bars, the Ferrari Spazio Bollicine, and the new Kartell Cafè and Heineken Star Club & Bistro.

The “heart” of the new flagship is the Colosseo, a space in the middle of the ship spread over three decks, dedicated to the best shows. The big screens, positioned on the walls and on the dome, offer the possibility of creating a different story in each port of call and at any time of day, from dawn to dusk. Around the plaza are some of the main themed lounge bars.

Piazza del Campo, on the other hand, is a large staircase facing aft, on three decks: the ideal place for the entertainment of guests, young and older, with an open-air balcony on the last deck whose crystal floor will make guests experience the emotion of flying over the sea. Piazza dei Miracoli, at the bow of the ship, is the meeting point of three different experiences on board: shopping, tasting and entertainment. Another evocative and panoramic point will be the Passeggiata Volare, which reaches the highest point of the ship at 65 meters in height. The new Poltrona Frau Arena is a multifunctional space, which can become a theater for shows during the day and in the evening, or a disco during the night. For the enjoyment of children, there is the Splash AcquaPark, with its slide located on the highest deck, a new area dedicated to video games, and the Squok Club.

Another amazing area on board Costa Toscana is the Sole Mio wellness area, featuring a beauty salon, sauna, hammam, thalassotherapy pool, 16 treatment rooms and the snow, salt and relaxation rooms. To relax and enjoy the sun there will also be four swimming pools, one of which is covered with salt water. Those who like to keep fit even on vacation will be able to count on a gym and a multi-sports field with sea view. The gym is equipped with the latest Technogym equipment, for a truly unique and engaging experience.

Comfortable and elegant, even the rooms perfectly reflect the Italian style and taste. The spaces have in fact been designed by the Milanese studio Dordoni Architetti and retrace the colors and geometries of the places of reference of each deck, giving the interior space brightness and warmth. The new category of rooms with “terrace over the sea” offers a splendid annex where guests can have breakfast, drink an aperitif or simply enjoy the sound of the waves. There are a total of 2,663 guest rooms on board of Costa Toscana, including 28 suites, 106 rooms with terraces, 1,534 rooms with balconies, 168 outdoor rooms and 827 indoor rooms.

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Cabin Name / Grade Deck Position
Classic Veranda Deck 5 Montalcino Balcony
Balcony Premium Deck 8 Bolgheri Balcony
Outside Stateroom Classic Deck 4 Talamone Outside
Outside Stateroom Premium Deck 4 Talamone Outside
Inside Stateroom Classic Deck 4 Talamone Inside
Inside Premium Deck 4 Talamone Inside
Suite Deck 8 Bolgheri Suite
Classic Deck 8 Bolgheri Inside
Grand Suite with Balcony Deck 9 Siena Suite
Inside Guarantee Cabin Inside
Outside Guarantee Cabin Outside
Balcony Guarantee Cabin Balcony
Terrace Cabin Deck 9 Siena Balcony
Interior Deck 4 Talamone Inside
Interior Deck 4 Talamone Inside
Interior Deck 4 Talamone Inside
Interior Deck 11 San Giminiano Inside
Oceanview Deck 4 Talamone Outside
Oceanview Deck 4 Talamone Outside
Balcony Deck 5 Montalcino Balcony
Balcony Deck 8 Bolgheri Balcony
Balcony Deck 8 Bolgheri Balcony
Terrace with Sea View Deck 8 Bolgheri Outside
Terrace with Sea View Deck 9 Siena Outside
Balcony Deck 9 Siena Balcony
Interior Group ( I1 + I2 ) Inside
Interior Group ( I3 + I4 ) Inside
Oceanview Group ( E1 + E2 ) Outside
Balcony Group Balcony
Balcony Group Balcony
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