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Cruise from Cyprus or Greece

Cruise from Cyprus or Greece from the ports of Limassol and Athens and explore the Eastern Med

Explore the Eastern Med From Limassol or Athens

Experience an unforgettable cruise from Cyprus or Greece. Your gateway to the captivating Eastern Mediterranean. Embark on a remarkable journey from the beautiful home port of Limassol or Athens (Piraeus) and explore the wonders of  the Eastern Med and Adriatic. With a wide range of itineraries available for your cruise from Limassol and Athens (Piraeus). Discover many historical treasures, the enchanting ancient cities, the pristine beaches of Mykonos, or the irresistible charm of Santorini, perfect for your Insta-worthy moments. Take your cruise to the next level by sailing one way to or from remarkable European cities like Rome or Barcelona. Choose from a variety of cruises that await you, tailored to suit your preferences and desires.
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