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Mediterranean from Barcelona

Departing on 12 May 2024 from Barcelona aboard the Costa Smeralda - Cruise No: 2041877

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Barcelona — Cagliari — Naples/Pompeii — Rome, (Civitavecchia) — Genoa — Provence (Marseille), France\t — Barcelona
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12 May '24


13 May '24
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14 May '24

In the south of Sardinia, in the Golfo degli Angeli, stands Cagliari, a beautiful city of Carthaginian origin which provides some evocative glimpses of its Roman, Spanish and Savoy past.
Despite being closer to Tunisia than Rome, Cagliari is the most Italian of Sardinia’s cities, where a multitude of vespas and mopeds whizz down the tree-lined boulevards and crowded places hidden under the harbour arcades. Like many Italian cities, Cagliari is steeped in history and wherever you are, you’ll find traces of its rich past: ancient Roman ruins, museums full of prehistoric artefacts, centuries-old churches and elegant palaces. What are you waiting for to explore the city with Costa Cruises? Check out our departures for a Mediterranean cruise now.

15 May '24

Naples is the heart of the Mediterranean. A unrivalled city where everything becomes a pleasant experience.
The port of Naples is located right in the heart of the city and you can easily reach the city centre on foot. One of Italy’s symbolic cities: a cruise to Naples will immerse you in a universe of flavours and traditions that have developed during a history of almost 3,000 years. A shore excursion around Naples is like a visit to an open-air museum watched over by the majestic slopes of Vesuvius. The true soul of the city is Spaccanapoli in the ancient heart of the Decumani—the streets built in the Greco-Roman era—where you dodge mopeds as you stroll among the artisan workshops. It would be sacrilege to take a trip to Naples and not enter at least one of the over 500 churches in the old city. Take advantage of the break to visit Pompeii. You will be offered two shore excursions to immerse yourself in the heart of history and visit the ruins of this ancient Roman city. Then, let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of the landscapes between the Hill of Posillipo and Vesuvius. If you want to go shopping, take a trip to Spaccanapoli, the main artery of the city.

16 May '24
Rome, (Civitavecchia)

From the ancient port of Civitavecchia you will land in the heart of the Roman and Etruscan civilisations; the old town is also a fabulous mediaeval village.
Civitavecchia of today is the result of a thousand-year long process of civilisation and urbanisation in the Lazio region. In the area, close to where this city is located (and just 70 km from Rome), there are important historical elements that, over the centuries, have overlapped and accumulated to confirm the presence and evolution of organised social groups as far back as the prehistoric age. In fact, numerous traces of primitive settlements are found along the coast of Civitavecchia. Equally numerous and important are the Etruscan, Roman and mediaeval structures that have made the city an important urban centre and renowned as the Port of Rome since antiquity. During a cruise departing from Civitavecchia, before continuing in the Mediterranean, you can take advantage of this stop to visit Rome, the grandiose capital with its world-famous monuments: the Forums, the Colosseum, the Pantheon, Trajan’s Column, the St. Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel, the Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, Piazza Venezia, Piazza di Spagna and many more.

17 May '24

Genoa (Genova) is a port city and the capital of northwest Italy’s Liguria region. It’s known for its central role in maritime trade over many centuries. In the old town stands the Romanesque Cathedral of San Lorenzo, with its black-and-white-striped facade and frescoed interior. Narrow lanes open onto monumental squares like Piazza de Ferrari, site of an iconic bronze fountain and Teatro Carlo Felice opera house.

18 May '24
Provence (Marseille), France\t

A pleasant thing to do is simply sit down at one of the cafes overlooking the port of Marseilles and, sipping a Pastis, observe the landscape and the people who inhabit it.
Also called the “Porpoise City “, Marseille is France’s sunniest town, charming with its gullies where you can swim, its history and culture and restaurants with cosmopolitan cuisine. You cannot leave without having first toured on the “Cours Julien”, the street for shopping. The port of Marseille is perhaps a typical tourist destination, but it deserves to be visited for the ferry that leaves from the Town Hall and the old church, which replaced a Templar building.

19 May '24













Costa Smeralda is the ship that is the symbol of beauty, style and Italian hospitality. Its spaces were expertly created drawing inspiration from the squares of our beautiful country.
What’s new on our latest Flagship: The Colosseum, the heart of the Costa Smeralda, spanning three decks at the centre of the ship, dedicated to the finest in entertainment. The Piazza di Spagna: a grand open air staircase overlooking the stern. The “Volare” walkway that reaches the highest point on the ship at 65 metres and Trastevere: a square in the centre of the ship that combines bars, shops and entertainment in one place. Now take a look at the current position of Costa Smeralda.

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